The guy behind this website


Hi, my name is Bernhard. I’m a huge rally fan, especially when it comes to the Subaru brand. Ever since having my Impreza I’m fascinated by the style of some of the best rally drivers. For me Richard Burns is a great example. Richard won the Safari in 2000 with a Subaru, I have his car in lifesize on my wall.

I’m trying to focus my research on the old Group A times. Picking up a lot of knowledge in this field but became very familiar with the Subaru WRC cars in general.

Unfortunately these times all stopped before my entrance in the scene. Most of the Subaru GpA or WRC cars are now more or less collectors items/ museum pieces being rallied in historic classes. As of my home locating in Netherlands makes it sometimes hard as the rally scene is not the same as in UK (we don’t have 2 litle historic classes anymore) for instance and going to Kenya for the Safari Rally isn’t around the corner either.

My dream is to finish my Impreza to be as close as possible to the real car in visual sense and to collect as many Safari Rally items as I can. And maybe, one day … I can visit the modern version of the Safari Rally …


In this journey I learned a lot about the car, met new people with similar interest, found people in the rally scene providing parts and more. And kept a few good friends all around the world!