The Collection

The story behind it


It all started by building a replica of a Safari rally car, first the WRC and later the Group A. The collection started with items from this era. Now it covers most of the years with a spacialism for the years of Subaru’s being used. The collection houses a large variety of genuine and rare items.

A collection starts somewhere, mostly unexpected. From the car hobby and building a Safari Rally spec replica a few pieces of memorabilia started with the car.

Learning more and more of The Safari widened the the search for memorabilia. It’s a truly unique event and the artwork made back in the day is more than beautiful! There are some very special and rare items.

Focus of the collection is 1980 to 2002. Subaru teams / privateers with well known drivers ran in this era. Group N, Group A and WRC class cars. In the search for memorabilia, items outside this ‘focus era’ were found, they are displayed too.

Unfortunately Subaru exit the WRC in 2008, so there are no ‘top’ teams using participating anymore. The return of the Safari Rally in 2020 opened the door to follow the modern rallies too, and of course … collect more memorabilia 😉

After a few years the idea came up to start a ‘museum’ to share the memorabilia. You can’t visit the museum, but you can enjoy it via this website and it’s absolutely free!

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