The website

Digital history


The website is build on the first domain of the official Safari Rally website in 2001. Now it’s an online museum to remember the past!

One of the original booklets (2001) contains the website link “”. For a webdeveloper like me this is very interesting to investigate. The old website wasn’t used anymore. It appeared available and it was easy to claim. The very first official domain deserved a good purpose.

The idea is to celebrate the history of the Safari Rally, show my replica Safari Rally spec Subaru and give back the memorabilia to everyone who remembers or participated in The Safari.

The design part was the hardest. The initial idea was to incorporate the old website design, however the Word Wide Web evolved a lot!

The collection itself gave new idea’s to make it more modern. Posters and the souvenir programmes are a great inspiration for the theming of each rally year. Fonts, artwork and use of correct colors are a point of recognition for the fans!

Unfortunately not all of the programmes are in the collection yet and the website is an evolving piece that grows in content and functionality regularly.

Rally overview