Inmarsat Safari Rally 2002

Inmarsat Safari Rally 2002

11 - 14 July 2002

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The Inmarsat Safari Rally 2002, held from July 12 to 14 in Kenya, marked the 50th anniversary of the iconic event. This edition of the World Rally Championship (WRC) featured grueling and challenging terrain, true to the rally’s reputation. The rally covered rough, rocky roads and unpredictable weather, testing both drivers’ skill and cars’ durability.

Finnish driver Colin McRae, driving for Ford, emerged victorious, claiming his third Safari Rally win and strengthening his position in the championship standings. McRae’s consistent performance and strategic approach paid off, allowing him to navigate the treacherous conditions effectively. His teammate, Carlos Sainz, also showcased a strong performance, finishing second and contributing to Ford’s dominant display.

However, the rally was marked by significant attrition, with many top drivers and teams facing mechanical issues and accidents. Notably, reigning champion Richard Burns and Peugeot teammate Marcus Grönholm were among those who retired early due to technical problems.

The 2002 Safari Rally emphasized endurance and resilience, with McRae’s win underscoring his mastery of the challenging African terrain. Despite the demanding conditions, the event celebrated its golden jubilee with a thrilling display of rallying prowess, reaffirming its legendary status in the WRC calendar.

Inmarsat Safari Rally 2002

Video (Part 1)

The video ``2002 Safari Rally Part 1`` covers the highlights and key moments of the 2002 Safari Rally, showcasing the challenging terrain, driver strategies, and mechanical issues faced by competitors. Colin McRae takes alternative routes and drama for Richard Burns meters for entering the service park.

Video (Part 2)


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